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Accidental Leigh
Accidentally Aphrodite
Accidentally Catty
Accidentally Dead
Accidentally Dead, Again
Accidentally Demonic
Accidentally Ever After
A Charmed Life
A Charming Crime
A Charming Cure
A Charming Fatality
A Charming Ghost
A Charming Hex
A Charming Magic
A Charming Secret
A Charming Spell
A Charming Wish
Act One, Wish One
A Deadly Lesson
A Demon And Her Scot
A Demon And His Psycho
Magic and Mayhem: Witches Be Crazy
A Demon And His Witch
Magic and Mayhem: Witchin’ A Ride
A Different Shade of Death
Magic and Mayhem: Witchin’ Hard
Magic and Mayhem: Witchin’ Impossible
A Dragon Gambles For His Girl
A Dragon Speaks Her Name
Magic and Mayhem: Witchin’ in the Kitchen
Magic and Mayhem: Witchin’ Spice (Kindle Worlds Novella)
A Drop in the Potion
Magic and Mayhem: Witchin’ Up A Spell
A Drop of Witch
Magic and Mayhem: Witchin’ You’re A Dragon
A Fashionably Dead Christmas
Magic and Mayhem: Witch in the Attic
A Ghostly Demise
Magic and Mayhem: Witch Way Out
A Ghostly Gift
Magic and Mayhem: Witch With An Attitude
A Ghostly Grave
A Ghostly Murder
Magic and Mayhem: Witch With An Axe To Grind
Magic and Mayhem: Witchy and the Beast
A Ghostly Reunion
Magic and the Modern Girl
A Ghostly Undertaking
Magic Times Two: Two Books for the Price of One
Ain’t Love a Witch?
Alien Mate
Make Me
Me and My Ghoulfriends
Alien Mate 2
Alien Mate 3
Merry & Bright: A Christmas Anthology
Miniskirts, Mai Tais & Dead Guys
A Little Fang Never Hurt Anybody
Mischief in Mudbug
A Little Night Magic
All Dressed Up and No Place to Haunt
Miss Frost Cracks A Caper
All Fired Up
Miss Frost Ices The Imp
All Spell Breaks Loose
Miss Frost Saves The Sandman
Angels of Bourbon Street
Miss Frost Solves A Cold Case
Missing in Mudbug
Any Witch Way You Can
A Passion for Haunted Fashion
Mission Impawsible
A Private Murder
Miss Spelled
Monster in My Closet
A Sweet Murder
Mr. Peabody’s House
A Tale of 3 Witches
Much Ado About Magic
A Tale of Two Demon Slayers
A Tale Of Two Witches
Murder Vows
A Touch of Magic
Must Love Lycans
My Big Fat Demon Slayer Wedding
A Walk on the Haunted Side
My Furry Valentine
A Witch In Time
My Hairy Halloween
A Witch Possessed
My Way to Hell
A Yowling Yuletide
Back to the Fuchsia
Nice Girls Don’t Bite Their Neighbors
Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men
Bad Case of Loving You
Batter and Spells
Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs
Bearly Accidental
Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever