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Accidental Leigh
Accidentally Aphrodite
Accidentally Catty
Accidentally Dead
Accidentally Dead, Again
Accidentally Demonic
Accidentally Ever After
A Charmed Life
A Charming Crime
A Charming Cure
A Charming Fatality
A Charming Ghost
A Charming Hex
A Charming Magic
A Charming Secret
A Charming Spell
A Charming Wish
Act One, Wish One
A Deadly Lesson
A Demon And Her Scot
A Demon And His Psycho
A Demon And His Witch
A Different Shade of Death
A Dragon Gambles For His Girl
A Dragon Speaks Her Name
A Drop of Witch
A Fashionably Dead Christmas
A Ghostly Demise
A Ghostly Gift
A Ghostly Grave
A Ghostly Murder
A Ghostly Reunion
A Ghostly Undertaking
Ain’t Love a Witch?
Alien Mate
Alien Mate 2
Alien Mate 3
A Little Fang Never Hurt Anybody
A Little Night Magic
All Dressed Up and No Place to Haunt
Angels of Bourbon Street
Any Witch Way You Can
A Passion for Haunted Fashion
A Private Murder
A Sweet Murder
A Tale of 3 Witches
A Tale of Two Demon Slayers
A Tale Of Two Witches
A Walk on the Haunted Side
A Witch In Time
A Witch Possessed
A Yowling Yuletide
Back to the Fuchsia
Bad Case of Loving You
Batter and Spells
Bearly Accidental
Because Your Vampire Said So
Betting Off Dead
Beverly Hills Demon Slayer
Bewitched on Bourbon Street
Big Vamp on Campus
Bite Me
Bite Somebody
Bite Somebody Else
Black Magic Mousse
Boss Me, Fang
Broccoli & Broomsticks
Broken Heart Tails
Capitol Magic
Catch Me
Chaos in Mudbug
Charmed, I’m Sure
Charmed Again
Charmed and Dangerous
Charmed Ever After
Charmed to Death
Cheaper By The Coven
Choices. Anarchy. Hypocrisy.
Close Encounters Of The Alien Kind
Coed Demon Sluts: Amanda:
Coed Demon Sluts: Beth
Coed Demon Sluts: Jee
Coed Demon Sluts: Melitta
Coed Demon Sluts: Pog
Come Hell or High Water
Cookies, Curses, and Kisses
Crazy Ex-Ghoulfriend
Criminal Enchantment
Cross Your Heart
Curses and Cupcakes
Damsel Under Stress
Dancing With Cupid
Dare Me
Date With A Demon Slayer
Deader Homes and Gardens
Dead Girl’s Guide to Style
Deadly Diamonds
Dead Man Talking