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The Library, the Witch, and the Warder
Stake Me Out to the Ball Game
Soulless at Sunset
Fashionably Forever After
Furred Lines
Spirits, Diamonds, and a Drive-thru Daiquiri Stand
Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie We’re Canning Demons
Three’s A Charm
Phoenix in My Fortune
Demons in My Driveway
Golem in My Glovebox
Fairies in My Fireplace
Pooka in My Pantry
Monster in My Closet
Boss Me, Fang
The Chef Caters To The Reaper
The Dragon Falls For The Fairy Godmother
The Vampire’s True Love Trials
A Little Fang Never Hurt Anybody
The Vampire Bounty Hunter’s Unexpected Catch
Close Encounters Of The Alien Kind
You’ve Got Aliens
Magic’s Song
The Falcon Tames The Psychic
Invasion of the Alien Snatchers
The Nymph Next Door
The Nymph Takes Nashville
When Tinker Met Bell
The Falcon Finds His Mate
Magic’s Promise
The Groom Chases His Unicorn
The Alien Who Fell To Earth
The Genie’s Double Trouble
The Shaman Charms The Shifter
The Mermaid Catches Her Mate
The Doctor Falls For Her Gargoyle
Magic’s Fate
The Truth About Cats And Wolves
The Witch Rescues Her Werewolf
Merry & Bright: A Christmas Anthology
Reaping The Immortal
A Dragon Speaks Her Name
How Knot To Marry A Vampire
The Yin to His Yang: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story
A Dragon Gambles For His Girl
Broccoli & Broomsticks
The Dragon’s Magical Bride
The Dragon’s Spellbound Alien
The Princess Protects Her Huntsman
Catch Me
Dare Me
Make Me
Fang Me
Try Me
Bite Me
The Trouble With Fairies
Ghost of a Chance
Love Pixies
Total Eclipse of The Hunt
Curses and Cupcakes
Magic and Mayhem: The Seven Year Witch
Magic and Mayhem: The Witch Singer
Magic and Mayhem: Secrets, Lies, and Meatballs
Magic and Mayhem: Poison in Pink
Magic and Mayhem: Show Me the Wicked
Magic and Mayhem: The Lie, the Witch, and the Warlock
Magic and Mayhem: Any Witch Way
Magic and Mayhem: Witchin’ in the Kitchen
Magic and Mayhem: Wicked Is As Wicked Does
Magic and Mayhem: Witch ‘N Fire
Magic and Mayhem: Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Magic and Mayhem: How To Date A Dragon
Magic and Mayhem: Familiar Protocol
Magic and Mayhem: Witch, Please
Magic and Mayhem: The Witch Is In
Magic and Mayhem: Witchin’ You’re A Dragon
Magic and Mayhem: Witches Be Crazy
Magic and Mayhem: Have Wand, Will Travel
Magic and Mayhem: The Voodoo That You Do
Magic and Mayhem: Bridget’s Witch’s Diary
Magic and Mayhem: Witch With An Attitude
Chaos in Mudbug
Magic and Mayhem: Witch and Were
Missing in Mudbug
Magic and Mayhem: Witch in the Attic
Resurrection in Mudbug
Magic and Mayhem: When You Witch Upon A Star
Showdown in Mudbug
Magic and Mayhem: Just Like Magic
Mischief in Mudbug
Magic and Mayhem: Sh*t My Vampire Says
Trouble in Mudbug
Magic and Mayhem: Witchin’ Hard
Choices. Anarchy. Hypocrisy.
Magic and Mayhem: Sammie Jo
Demons and Deep Dish Pizza
Magic and Mayhem: The Incompetent Witch and the Missing Men
The Vampire Hand Guide: Tips, Myths & Advice
Magic and Mayhem: The Witched Away Bride