A Drop of Witch

About the Book

Murder, cupcakes, and witches… it’s just your average day in Sweetland Cove. 


Page Count: around 330 pages

Things are always going wrong for Ava Fortune.Ever since she discovered she was a witch, it seems like people are trying to kill her.

And… New Year’s is no exception. 

When a woman is found murdered in her aunts’ bakery, a terrible curse is uncovered, with Ava at the center of it.
This time, at least, she’s not a suspect.Everyone in town knows who the killer is. Even Detective Colt Hudson thinks Ava’s innocent.

Polly Peacock broke out of prison for one reason only:
to kill Ava Fortune. Not just kill–sacrifice. 

That’s the only way that Polly can get her witchy powers back.
Except it’s not just Ava she has to kill.
There are five names on her list. 
Ava and Colt used to be enemies; she never thought they’d be friends.
With things between her and her boyfriend, Damon, as rocky as ever, Ava starts to think that Colt is interested in more than just paranormal security.

But does she feel the same? 

Can Ava stop Polly from committing her terrible crimes before it’s too late or will the curse shared by Ava and her ancestors come back to stop her?

There’s never a dull day in Sweetland Cove. 

Page Count: around 330 pages
Series: The Sweetland Witch Series
Genre: Witches
Publisher: ReedFoster Press House
Publication Year: 2017
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