Back to the Fuchsia

About the Book

For some people, time travel is a fantastic daydream, but for Gertie O’Leary it’s just another magically induced accident.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get weirder at the Paranormal Plantation, Gertie decides to jazz the place up with another DIY project.

Fuchsia’s a great color, don’t you agree?

Sure, it’s great. But after Gertie mixes her favorite color with a heavy dose of untried witchcraft, creating a strange time-warping side effect, she and her paranormal posse land in the court of King Henry VIII.

You know what isn’t great? Your friend loses her memory and tries to steal your boyfriend, you can’t figure out how to get back home, and worse, you’re accused of witchcraft!

Add in a pair of mischievous Sasquatches along with a curious dragon and it spells certain doom for Gertie and her friends as they take their magical buffoonery to the sixteenth century!

This paranormal romantic comedy includes time travel, romance, witches, shifters, ghosts, and adult humor. Back to the Fuchsia is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Series: The Tales from the Paranormal Plantation Series, Book 2
Genre: Witches
Publisher: Black Paw Publishing
Publication Year: 2016
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