Coed Demon Sluts: Beth

About the Book

Aren’t you tired of doing everything right?
Wouldn’t you like a second chance to go back and do it wrong?

Beth is fifty, dumped by her husband for the babysitter, jobless, skill-less, homeless, cashless. She’s about to jump in front of a bus when she meets Delilah, recruiter for the “Regional Office” and receives an offer she can’t refuse: become a succubus for the Second Circle of Hell. Heartbroken, Beth decides to use the powers of her new sex demon body and the remains of her thrown-away life to track down her ex-husband and find out why he dumped her.

But Beth can’t get any information without help from her team, and she can’t accept their help until she learns something about what she has become—a coed demon slut—about who she’s always really been, and who she wants to be from now on.

The first adventure in the Coed Demons Sluts series!

Reader praise for the Coed Demon Sluts: Beth serial episodes on Instafreebie:

I like Beth and can’t wait to read more.
Am loving reading these COED shorts!
I LOVE this stuff! … these are so fun….
I’ll be on the lookout for the sluts books! I am enthralled!
I have been enjoying Coed Demon Sluts and look forward to the weekly installment.
I am totally loving the series. I can’t wait for the launch so I can read all chapters one after the other.
I just finished all the episodes of Coed Demon Sluts. I read one after another because I could not stop reading them. They were magical. They were soooo awesome. I have now passed them on to my sister who has been begging me to hurry up and finish so she could get her hands on my laptop so she could read them.
I really like the characters, the hints to relationships to come and the references to the slacker demon books, which I’ve finally all read. Those little chapters highlight my days. Please keep going.
I love Beth. I can never wait until the next story.
So far I am really enjoying this tale. I look forward to the release of this book.
I loved the middle aged heroine, and the hilarious exploits.
Now I’m burning and yearning for the next portion, lol.
Gotta tell you, these stories crack me up! I never actually thought about something like this……but I must say I like it! I can’t wait to see all the trouble and problems that Beth and the group get into and cause themselves.
I really like the coed series and it brightens my day every time I get a new episode.
Great so far! Just enough to make you want more! Can’t wait for next episode!

Series: The Coed Demon Sluts Series, Book 1
Genre: Succubi
Publisher: Book View Cafe
Publication Year: 2017
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