Geraghty Girls Recipes – From the Witch’s Kitchen

About the Book

This magical book is filled with stories from the witchy world of The Stacy Justice series as well as forty-eight tantalizing food and beverage recipes inspired by and presented from the characters themselves. Delve deeper into the world of the reluctant witch and her hometown of Amethyst as you learn about Derek’s past, the first time Tony met Cinnamon, Stacy’s dark period, and the surprise Chance had in store for the young witch on prom night. You’ll hear from Lolly, Birdie, Fiona–even Monique chimes in with her thoughts on how she really feels about life in a small Midwestern town.

Organized by the eight sabbats of the pagan wheel, the book also features rituals, rites, traditions, ancient lore, and practical charms for everyday living. Tips include recommendations for building a witchy toolbox, advice for spell casting, magical properties of herbs and crystals and much more! While GERAGHTY GIRLS RECIPES is sure to entice fans of the series, it’s also designed to inspire anyone seeking to explore the mystical world of witchcraft as well as foodies looking for unique recipes themes.

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BLOODSTONE – book two
TIGER’S EYE – book three
EMERALD ISLE – book four
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Authors: ,
Series: The Stacy Justice Series
Genre: Witches
Publisher: Dane House LLC
Publication Year: 2014
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