Ghoul of My Dreams

About the Book

Larue Donavan is a small town girl who just happens to be a world-renowned psychic medium. Yes, she talks to ghosts, but not just any ghosts… lately she’s become a celebrity ghost whisperer. Famous ghosts won’t leave her alone. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones interested in Larue. Evil entities have their sights set on her too, and they keep popping up around every corner.

This time Larue finds herself in the presence of iconic film star Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn is a sex symbol in the afterlife too. Also there’s a mysterious man in town and Larue wonders what secrets he’s hiding. She has a strong suspicion he knows about the evil spirits. Plus, a young girl is interested in witchcraft, and Larue thinks her curiosity might be related to recent sightings of the shadow people.

On a recent investigation, Larue might have unleashed a demon. Now she thinks it’s after her and everyone she loves. But does that mean she has to push her best friend Mindy and boyfriend Callahan away forever? Does the mystery man hold the key to getting rid of the demons? Can Larue convince him to help? Larue might find the answers from the ghoul of her dreams.

Series: The Larue Donavan Series, Book 4
Genre: Ghosts
Publication Year: 2015
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