Not Fairy Common

About the Book

She’s purple. She flies. She’s the future queen.

In Book 2 of the Jezibaba Saga, regenerated warlock, Nathaniel, intends to spend the next hundred years like he spent the previous hundred. His dedication to his work requires that he not get bogged down in the demands of the flesh, especially not flesh that has purple hair and a snarky attitude.

Following Princess Leelu into the land of fairies wasn’t planned. Goddess knows, the rhyming trolls just about sent him over the edge. And why does everyone keep thinking he’s their fairy king? No, on second thought… he’d just as soon not know.

“Run from this you cannot. A king Leelu needed—a king she got.”


Book 1 All Fired Up Book
Book 2 Not Fairy Common
Book 3 A Howling Success (coming soon)

Authors: ,
Series: The Jezibaba Saga, Book 2
Genre: Fae
Publication Year: 2018
ASIN: B07B459K7T
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