Phantom Quartz

About the Book

It’s nearing Yule in Amethyst, and the witchy reporter, Stacy Justice, is consumed with only one thing—getting through her cousin Cinnamon’s baby shower. Everyone is anticipating the arrival of the newest, tiniest Geraghty. Even Stacy’s familiar, Thor, is searching for the perfect gift. When Cinnamon’s Italian relatives swarm the town like locusts, Stacy has only three things on her mind–provide a peaceful affair for both mother and unborn baby, spend some quality time with her own mother who is visiting from Ireland, and eat as much of her aunt Lolly’s famous food as she can stomach.

But someone else has an entirely different agenda. Someone consumed with rage, jealousy and bitterness. Someone who feels that the Geraghtys—and especially Stacy—are standing in the way of a fated prophesy.

When a ghost who doesn’t know he’s a ghost, follows Stacy home from a crime scene, she thinks her biggest problem is trying to convince the teenager that he’s dead. Until she discovers her mother conspiring with a secret coven, Cinnamon acting strangely magical, and Birdie and the aunts have lost their mojo. Then a spell is cast designed to siphon all of Stacy’s magic and rip away the very identity she’s worked so hard to accept.

Worst of all? A visit from an old friend warns Stacy that she has only one week left to live.

The sixth book in the heart-pounding, bewitching mystery series is sure to please long standing fans and new readers alike as secrets are revealed and loyalties are shattered. When the last page is turned, neither readers, nor the Seeker herself, will ever be the same.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: It is highly recommended that this series be read in order.

Series: The Stacy Justice Series, Book 6
Genre: Witches
Publisher: Dane House LLC
Publication Year: 2015
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