Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie We’re Kidnapping Cupid

About the Book

The Devil’s after Mara and Paul’s got the hots for Gus? What the heck is going on?!

Mara’s and Gus’s love lives get turned upside down when Cupid shows up with a vendetta to settle–and decides to use Gus and Mara as his tools.

Eros (aka Cupid, aka the God of Love and Lust) underestimates Gus’s resourcefulness though, and when Mara comes home, she finds Eros trapped in a cage, in their living room.

But Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and with Gus absolutely refusing to let Eros (aka the Love Assassin) go, Aphrodite comes calling, to collect her son.

(This novella includes a Q&A with the author in the Author Notes, as well as the original short story that the novella is based on).

Series Order:
Book One: Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She’s Dead
Book Two: Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie We’re In Trouble
Book Three: Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie We’re Kidnapping Cupid
Book Four: Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie We’re Canning Demons
Book Five: A Tale of 3 Witches
Book Six: Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie We’re Speed-Dating The Christmas Demon (to be released)

Series: The Toad Witch Series, Book 3
Genre: Witches
Publisher: HekaRose Publishing, a division of HekaRose Enterprises
Publication Year: 2016
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