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The Haunted Heist
Forever Charmed
The Skeleton in the Closet
Hauntin’ After Midnight
Southern Spirits
Take A Haunted Walk With Me
Intoxicating Magic
Walk this Way, Haunt this Way
Irresistible Magic
Haunt the Haunt, Walk the Walk
Influential Magic
A Walk on the Haunted Side
Stop Your Witchin’
These Haunts Are Made For Walking
Spirits, Beignets, and a Bayou Biker Gang
If the Haunting Fits, Wear It
Spirits, Rock Stars, and a Midnight Chocolate Bar
Haunted Is Always in Fashion
Spirits, Stilettos, and a Silver Bustier
If You’ve Got It, Haunt It
Bewitched on Bourbon Street
Haunt Couture and Ghosts Galore
Incubus of Bourbon Street
All Dressed Up and No Place to Haunt
Shadows of Bourbon Street
A Passion for Haunted Fashion
Angels of Bourbon Street
Get Witch or Die Trying
Demons of Bourbon Street
Betting Off Dead
Witches of Bourbon Street
Spies and Spells
Haunted on Bourbon Street
A Ghostly Reunion
Were Me Out
A Ghostly Murder
No Were To Run
A Ghostly Demise
Some Were In Time
A Ghostly Grave
Ready to Were
A Ghostly Undertaking
Fashionably Flawed
A Charming Hex
Fashionably Fanged
A Charming Ghost
Fashionably Dead and Wed
A Charming Fatality
Fashionably Hotter Than Hell
A Charming Secret
A Fashionably Dead Christmas
A Charming Magic
Fashionably Dead in Diapers
A Charming Spell
Hell On Heels
A Charming Wish
Fashionably Dead Down Under
A Charming Cure
Fashionably Dead
A Charming Crime
A Tale Of Two Witches
The Trouble with Twelfth Grave
Magically Delicious
Eleventh Grave in Moonlight
A Witch In Time
The Curse of Tenth Grave
Witch Glitch
The Dirt on Ninth Grave
Switching Hour
Eighth Grave After Dark
Much Ado About Magic
Seventh Grave and No Body
Criminal Enchantment
Sixth Grave on the Edge
Frogs and Kisses
Fifth Grave Past the Light
Kiss and Spell
Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet
No Quest for the Wicked
Third Grave Dead Ahead
Don’t Hex with Texas
Second Grave on the Left
Damsel Under Stress
First Grave on the Right
Enchanted, Inc.
How to Run with a Naked Werewolf
Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft
The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf
Act One, Wish One
How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf
The As You Wish Series
Big Vamp on Campus
Wish Upon a Star
Fangs for the Memories
Wishing in the Wings
I’m Dreaming of an Undead Christmas
Wishful Thinking
Driving Mr. Dead
Magic Times Two: Two Books for the Price of One
The Single Undead Moms Club